Driving with Food for the Holidays without Spills

At a time when travel and food seem to go together, car travel fits in perfectly. Everyone knows the best chance of getting to his or her favorite dish is to keep their vehicle in good condition. Holidays are special times when family and friends get together.

During the holidays, traveling to the homes of relatives, specialty restaurants, and side of the road markets is best done by car. There is no experience better than being able to stop and look at the unique. This activity makes travelers hungry. So, packing food without it leaking and creating chaos in the car takes a little skill and some good kitchenware.

It also takes a car with ample storage, comfortable passenger seating, and great engineering to get you to your event. Gordie Boucher Nissan of Greenfield has the service department to keep vehicles operating like fine watches. Located in Greenfield, our staff is prepared to help customers get ready for holiday travel with food.
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