Enjoy the Smooth Ride of the Nissan Altima

When you're looking for a great midsize sedan for all of your driving, the Nissan Altima has the complete package. Filled with power and performance features, the Altima is designed to make your driving fun, comfortable and enjoyable. When you get behind the wheel of the Altima, you'll reap the rewards of luxury-inspired features that add sleek, smooth comfort to your drive.

The CVT transmission in the Altima puts shifting in a new light. You'll enjoy smooth transitions as you glide down the road in style. The Altima's handling is also designed for maximum comfort. With shocks inspired by luxury vehicles and technologies designed to keep your Altima stable and smooth in even the tightest corners, you'll enjoy a restful drive in comfort and style.

You can see just how comfortable a ride the Nissan Altima offers. Visit us at our Nissan showroom for a test drive today.



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