Set a Maintenance Schedule for Your Timing Belt

When a timing belt breaks, it can cause damage to the valves, water pump, and pistons. If you are driving a car when the belt fails, you may have to replace the entire engine. Timing belts are a vital mechanical part of the car.

These heavy-duty belts, constructed of strong rubber and nylon, turn and synchronizing the crank and camshaft. This work places tremendous tension on the part. Eventually, the rubber breaks down. Your owner's manual will tell you when the manufacturer recommends replacing the belt, or you can check with the dealership. Signs of a weaken belt are the engine misfires, oil leaking out of the front of the motor, or you hear tapping and ticking noise while you are driving.

The mechanics in our service center at Gordie Boucher Nissan can replace your belt in no time. Contact us today at 4141 S 108th Street if you need to know when you should replace your belt.

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