How to Use Rock Salt with Sand to Reduce Your Risk of Falling This Winter

Every year the ice and snow that comes with the winter months cause havoc for many Americans, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks automobile accidents and reports that annually there are over 30,000 fatal accidents every winter in America. Likewise, the CDC reports that about one million Americans will slip and fall every winter and 17,000 of them will suffer fatal injuries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in 2014 alone over 40,000 workers had injuries resulting from slipping and falling on ice.

Sodium chloride rock salt is one of the best things you can have with you either at your home, for use on sidewalks or driveways as well as in your vehicle in case you get stuck. The rock salt works fast to melt away the ice. Finally, make sure you have a bag of sand along with the rock salt since the water dissolves the salt, the sand makes sure that you always have a gritty surface left.

From everyone here at Gordie Boucher Nissan, please remember to drive safely this winter!

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