Top Reasons for Your Engine to Overheat

You're driving on a hot day and you notice some steam coming from the hood of your car. You pull over and realize that your engine is overheated. It's not a fun situation, but it does sometimes happen. It's entirely possible for extremely hot weather to cause an engine to overheat, but there are several other reasons, as well.

It's also possible that you are low on coolant. If you haven't had it checked recently, or if you have a leak in your radiator, then it's possible that a low coolant level is to blame for your problem. Other parts that might be involved are the water pump, hoses, or the radiator fan.

If you find yourself in this predicament or would like your coolant level checked, come to Gordie Boucher Nissan of Greenfield, and we'll be happy to diagnose the problem and fix your vehicle for you.

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